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We offer job seekers an easy system to upload your cv and apply for positions that will fulfil your strengths and talent. We offer business owners the platform to seek candidates with specific strengths, qualifications and skills.


Verity believes in the power of knowledge and up skilling as an integral part in the development of oneself and in the fundamental role it provides in ensuring a successful business.


Smart Personnel offers consulting and training services.

Message for job seekers

At SMART PERSONNEL we understand the difficulties graduates are faced with when you forced to just "find" a job, putting you in and position that does not suit your particular requirements, desire and personality – which hence causes unhappy people in the workplace – forcing you the candidate to helplessly move from one position to another, without finding a HAPPY space where you can flourish as an individual developing in a career where you can earn exceptionally well and hence have complete job satisfaction!

Let SMART PERSONNEL assist you in placing you in a position to excel!!

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Message to our clients

A very simple process .....If you require staff and would like to use our services please go to "contact us "and complete an enquiry . Please ensure you supply us with our email address and telephone contact number. We will then contact you to discuss your specifications.

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